Father. Mountain Goat & Trail Runner. Surfer. CTO. Architect of Digital Things. Product Builder. Writer of Code and Words. Photographer. Tattoo Canvas. Ex-Musician. Sometimes Foodie. Occasional (Public) / Always (Conversation) Speaker.

I started building websites back when CSS was relatively unknown, WordPress wasn’t powering most websites on the internet, and table-based layouts were all the rage. No/Low-code wasn't even a proper concept.

As a full-stack engineer, over the last 20+ years, I've honed my skills across multiple disciplines — Swift, PHP, Python, Ruby, ReactJS, JavaScript and even a bit of C#, to name but a few. I've worked with more libraries and frameworks than I can care to remember, but these days, I prefer to use Django and NextJS, and my preferred database engine is Postgres (or Supabase).

Though I've dabbled in various fields, I always find myself circling back to eCommerce and the payments space — a space where I, in the past, made a name for myself. I've had the pleasure of working on projects or directly with companies like PDO PayGate, WooCommerce, and Shopify. Additionally, I’ve consulted with startups and SBMEs, offering high-level architectural insights and strategies for implementing digital storefronts.

I was previously the CTO at Buffalo Market, and most recently, Yebo Fresh where I focused on building and scaling products, systems and teams, to deliver products and services to the township retail sector. Over the years, I've run and managed multiple engineering departments, all while concentrating on software architecture planning, product development and decision-making, senior-level engineering, DevOps, CI/CD, and infrastructure management. I also delved into hardware integrations within Yebo Fresh warehouses, and in some personal projects.

Currently, I run Rodehouse — Fractional CTO as a Service. In this role, my aim is to offer strategic leadership and technical expertise to various businesses.

I have a passion for all things Apple, love to talk, play music too loud, and strum a few chords. I've spoken at events and conferences about iOS, WordPress, and my aversion to poorly developed plugins. I've given talks to leaders in various tech spaces on AI and self-training LLMs, as well as featured on panels, debating topics related to the technical leadership, and I am an advisor to a few startups.