Father. Mountain Goat & Trail Runner. Surfer. CTO. Architect of Digital Things. Product Builder. Writer of Code and Word. Photographer. Tattoo Canvas. Ex-Musician. Sometimes Foodie. Occasional (Public) / Always (Conversation) Speaker.


Byron started building websites back when CSS was relatively unknown, WordPress wasn’t powering most websites on the internet, and table-based layouts were all the rage. He is, what is commonly referred to as, a full-stack developer and has skills in multiple disciplines (Swift, PHP, Python, Ruby and even a little C# to mention a few) with senior-level expertise working with Django, Laravel, Craft CMS, Magento and WordPress and others.

He somehow always returns to, and is quite well known for his work in eCommerce having worked on projects, or directly with companies like PDO PayGate, WooCommerce and Shopify, and in the past consulted to startups and SBMEs, providing high-level architectural insight and strategy implementation of digital storefronts.

Byron is the CTO at Yebo Fresh, and works on building and scaling the teams/systems that allow them to deliver products and services to thetownship retail sector, was previously the CTO at Buffalo Market, and before that has run and managed multiple engineering departments.

His main focus, is amongst many things, software architecture planning, product development and decisions, senior-level development, and managing all things DevOps, CI/CD and infrastructure as well as working on the hardware level integrations in the Yebo Fresh warehouses.

He loves all things , loves to talk, play music too loud, strum a few chords, and has in the past spoken at events/conferences discussing iOS, WordPress and his lack of passion towards using (badly developed) plugins.