Byron Rode | Software Engineer.

CTO at Eighty Six — Available for Advisory Consultancy

Byron is a what is commonly known as a full-stack developer. He has skills in multiple disciplines (Swift, Objective-C, PHP, JS, and React Native to mention a few) with senior-level expertise in both Laravel & WordPress from the web side.

He is quite well known for his work in eCommerce having worked with companies like PayGate and Shopify, and often consults to companies, providing high-level insight. His main focus these days is Swift (iOS) development but is always learning and never shy of a challenge.

He loves all things  and to talk, and has in the past, spoken at few events/conferences discussing iOS, WordPress and his lack of passion towards using plugins. If reading is your thing, he ocassionally writes some words over on Medium.

You can find him on Instagram or —far less frequently these days—on Twitter and if you like email (he doesn't) or want to hire him for your next big thing, you can mail him on

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