Better YOUR Communication

Without clear communication, the little things have a way of turning into big problems.
Better YOUR Communication

That’s one of the lessons I learned the hard way last year.

Because of an overwhelming accumulation of personal and internal problems, I had unintentionally damaged most of my relationships with existing clients. I knew that if I lost these clients, I’d be forced to close my company down and seek fulltime employment again.

As the father of two small boys, I have the responsibility to provide a solid foundation and a good education. As an entrepreneur I’ve come to appreciate the ability to choose what I want to work on as well as the luxury of a midday surf during the week or the option of spending time with my boys when they’re home sick or on holiday. Because of this, working full-time for another company isn’t viable. Neither is letting my business fail.

What was causing my business to fail? My inability to communicate clearly. As it’s one of the key pillars to a successful business, it was something I decided I had to change for myself and my company.

Learn from my mistakes
Communication is one of the most important productivity tools, but it’s usually the most neglected. What comes from poor communication skills? Lost time, frustration, ineffective meetings, and inefficient team work which ultimately leads to falling short in achieving your goals.

Through this process I have been able to identify my mistakes and weaknesses. It’s been a tough journey, but one that I’ve come to realise that is not unique. If it’s a struggle for me, it must be for other people too. So I decided to take these painful lessons and share them with everyone else by writing a book, in the hopes that others could learn from my mistakes.

I am in the process of getting the final structure completed and I hope to have the book ready for print and download by the end of April 2016. I have opted for the self-publishing option and will be selling both the digital and hard copy version of the books on the website and a few other digital platforms.

While the upside of digital is that I can make amendments/revisions on the fly and offer updated downloads, nothing beats the smell and feel of a real book. So I decided to have a special introductory and pre-sale offer — starting today — for all my Medium followers (and anyone else who’d like to take advantage).

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I will be running both time- and number-limited sales that will get you both a digital copy and a physical copy, so you don’t have to choose between turning virtual or paper pages.

Starting today and running until the launch of the book (end April 2016) you can pre-purchase both a physical and digital copy of the book for a hugely-discounted (50%) rate of $29.99

Because I have a feeling that 2016 is going to be great and because I need to share what I’ve learned with you, on top of the already ridiculous offer above I am offering the following number-limited sales:

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Please Note: ** Terms & Conditions and FAQs are available on the website, and all prices exclude shipping and taxes (where applicable).